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PRIVATE ADHD Assessments for adults and children In Leicester,derby and Nottingham

PRIVATE aDHD AssessMents for adults and children

Dr Francis provides private ADHD assessments and diagnostic services for adults and children in Leicester, Derby and Nottingham.

Dr Francis offers a free initial 20 minute phone consultation to talk through the difficulties you or your child experiences. From this he will determine whether a full ADHD assessment will be suitable or whether a different kind of psychological assessment or service would be best.

If you are seeking a private adult or child ADHD assessment in Leicester, Derby or Nottingham, then get in touch today for your free phone consultation.

what happens in a private aDHD assessment?

Dr Francis' approach to offering a private ADHD assessment follows the National Institute for Care and Excellence (NICE) guidelines for assessing and diagnosing ADHD in both adults and children. The steps of the assessment are outlined below. 

Dr Francis offers a free 20 minute phone consultation to gather information about the difficulties you or your child is experiencing, and from this will be able to determine if a full ADHD assessment would be most helpful.

4. Report

Dr Francis will write up the assessment in a report, which will then be emailed to you in a password protected format. The password will be shared upon receipt of final payment for the assessment. You can expect to receive the report within 3 weeks from the assessment date.
2. ADHD Screening Tools
In order to gather further information, Dr Francis will email you some ADHD screening questionnaires, which in addition to the free consultation, will help Dr Francis determine if you or your child is likely to be experiencing signs and symptoms consistent with ADHD.

5. feedback session (optional)

The option of discussing Dr Francis' report and recommendations in a 1 hour consultation is offered as an additional extra.

3. IN Person aDHD assessment

Dr Francis will conduct a full ADHD assessment within the comfort of your own home. The assessment typically lasts 2.5 hours and consists of gathering information about early development, as well as a medical and mental health history. Dr Francis will then undertake the DIVA 5 assessment, which is a recommended gold standard  assessment tool.


If you want to explore medication treatment for ADHD, Dr Francis will be able to refer you to a Psychiatrist, who will be able to assess and prescribe you for ADHD medication.

- Initial 20 minute phone consultation and screening questionnaires - FREE
- Full ADHD assessment and diagnosis and report - £1500 - (£750 (50%) immediately to reserve the appointment, and £750 (50%) payable prior to release of the full report).
- Optional post-diagnostic 1 hour consultation - £150  
ADHD assessment cost


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