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Intensive Short-Term
Dynamic Psychotherapy

Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP) is a unique and evidence-based therapy designed to get to the heart of your problems, and resolve things at the root. ISTDP considers the cause of your suffering as the over-reliance on psychological defences, developed over time, to avoid painful or feared emotions. Whilst these defences may have helped you cope with difficult circumstances in the past, your reliance on them in the present is likely coming at a heavy price, including feeling anxious and depressed, as well as having problems with intimacy and closeness.
As a certified ISTDP Therapist, I will take an active role in your treatment, helping to guide the process by shedding light on invisible barriers to your success, challenging you to abandon old destructive ways, and encouraging you to face feelings you have avoided. 

Through this kind of structured and dynamic process, ISTDP is highly focussed and as such can help you get to the core of problems faster than traditional psychodynamic or psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

If you have had little success with other therapies and want to try something different, then get in touch today.

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Are you ready to regain your freedom and escape from suffering?

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