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private Autism Assessments and Diagnosis in Leicester,Derby and Nottingham 

autism Private AssessMents for adults and children

Dr Francis provides private autism assessments and diagnostic services in Leicester, Derby and Nottingham. Dr Francis offers private autism assessments for both children (6+ years) and adults. The assessment can be used to support Education Health Care Plans (EHCP) for children, as well as provide clear reasoning for some the difficulties experienced in childhood and adulthood.

Dr Francis offers a free initial 20 minute phone consultation to talk through the difficulties you or your child experiences. From this he will determine whether a full autism assessment will be suitable or whether you require a different kind of assessment and service.

If you are seeking a private autism assessment in Leicester, Derby and Nottingham, then get in touch today for your free phone consultation.

Dr Francis' approach to offering a private autism assessment follows the National Institute for Care and Excellence (NICE) guidelines for assessing and diagnosing autism in both children and adults. The steps of the assessment are outlined below. The assessment is conducted in a single day and takes place at your home for convenience, and you can expect a report 3 weeks from the assessment.

1. Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS ii)
The ADOS is an observational assessment  that is conversational and involves completing several tasks that can highlight areas of difficulty that people with autism struggle with such as social communication, imagination and understanding feelings and emotions. This typically lasts 1 hour.

4. Report

Dr Francis will write up the assessment in a report, which will then be emailed to you in a password protected format. The password will be shared upon receipt of final payment for the assessment. You can expect to receive the report within 3 weeks from the assessment date.
2. Autism Diagnostic Interview Schedule-Revised (ADI-R)
Following the ADOS, Dr Francis will spend 15 minutes scoring it up. If the assessment is of a young person, then they are free to leave at this point. Next, Dr Francis will undertake the ADI-R with a parent/caregiver that has known the person since childhood. The ADI-R involves a series of questions asking about the person's development and areas of struggle in both the present and past. This typically lasts for 3 hours.

5. feedback session (optional)

The option of discussing Dr Francis' report and recommendations in a 1 hour consultation is offered as an additional extra.

3. MultiDisciplinary team Meeting

After the assessment, Dr Francis will schedule a meeting with a Speech and Language Therapist (SALT) and a Psychiatrist. During the meeting, the information gathered from the ADOS and ADI-R will be discussed, and from this a joint decision will be made on whether the criteria for a diagnosis of an Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC) is met. I will also send ASD questionnaires to schools to get their perspective on your child.

what happens in a private autism assessment?

- Initial 20 minute phone consultation - FREE
- Full private autism assessment and diagnosis and report - £1,995 - (£997.50 (50%) payable two weeks prior to your ADOS and ADI-R assessment & £997.50 (50%) payable prior to release of the full report)
- Optional post-diagnostic 1 hour consultation - £150  
private autism assessment cost


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